St. Patrick School


     St. Patrick Catholic School is a pre-kindergarten through 8th grade school that has been a stable part of Western Wyandotte County since 1949. St. Patrick Catholic School focuses on Spirituality, Service, and Scholarship to bring students closer to Christ and learn how to live their faith.

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Early Education Center


     Welcome to St. Patrick School. We are very excited to let you know about our 3-year-old preschool and 4 year old Pre-Kindergarten programs.

     We started our Pre-K program in 2007 school year and had tremendous success with 30 students divided into two classrooms. Our Pre-K program has a faith-based curriculum where socialization and academics are combined to achieve Kindergarten readiness. We use many different teaching styles to introduce academics to the students in a structured setting. We have a very positive classroom where Jesus is the center. The students this year recited the “Our Father,” “Hail Mary,” “Glory Be” and a snack time prayer.

     At. St. Patrick School, we promote lots of parent involvement in our classrooms. We have had Moms and Muffins Day, Dads and Donuts Day and Grandparents Day. We also had Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day parties as well as an Easter Egg Hunt with the Easter bunny and field trips to the pumpkin patch and Deanna Rose Farmstead.

    We use the Animated Literacy program to introduce letter recognition and phonics. As we introduce each letter of the week, we also write the letter and words that begin with that letter. As we add letters, we introduce the student to all words throughout the school year. We have seen a lot of success with this part of the program this year.

    We use learning centers in the classrooms where the students can create at the art center, practice writing their name and family members’ names at the writing center, patterns in the math center and make a pretend meal in the home living center. We change our centers according to the letter of the week and our monthly themes.

    The 4 year old Pre-K students attend library, physical education and music class once a week and that helps familiarize the with the school buildings and other teachers.  Please find a class schedule for you to review.

     Our 3-year-old program will be based on the same foundation as the Pre-K program. It will also have a faith-based atmosphere where the children will say small prayers and be introduced to Jesus and his stories. The 3-year-old classrooms will focus most on socialization with some age appropriate academics added. They will also be able to use the learning centers to pretend play, create art projects, learn to match and sort, and play games. The 3-year-old classrooms will be positive by teaching the children appropriate ways to interact with the other students and learning to be in a group setting where turn taking will occur. The program will be based on current child development information in regards to what is age appropriate.

     Both programs will adhere to the St. Patrick School calendar schedule, and after-school and before-school care programs are available.

School of Religion


     St. Patrick’s Religious Education Program is for children in grades kindergarten through eighth who do not attend the parish school. Volunteer catechists instruct the students in Scripture, teachings of the Catholic Church, and preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. Classes are held every Wednesday evening in the school from 7-8 p.m. September through April.  Parents may enroll by contacting Mrs. Rachel Davis, 299-3728.

     A parent discussion group meets in the cafeteria while the children are in class. It is an informal setting where parents have a chance to discuss topics that concern families or matters of our faith. This is a great way to share a cup of coffee and meet other families in the parish. All parents and grandparents are welcome!

Virtus Program


     “Every adult connected with a parish, school or agency in the Catholic Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas will have an opportunity to attend a forum designed to prevent the abuse of children. The "To Protect God’s Children" program identifies the warning signs of abuse and teaches strategies for maintaining safe environments for children.

     When adults who interact with children increase their awareness of child sexual abuse, they form a shield that protects children. That shield is a network of adults alert to potentially abusive situations and children with the confidence to speak up. Participants will learn how to discuss different aspects of abuse, including sexual abuse, with children and how to teach them to protect themselves.

     In addition to the community forums, the Archdiocese requires all employees and volunteers who work with children to complete the training. It is my intent that every minister, educator, youth worker, and employee attends a forum. To strengthen the program, it is also my intention that they will participate in an on-line continuing education program.

     Enhanced by a series of videotaped statements from abuse perpetrators, child victims, and parents, the three-hour sessions will be scheduled for parishes throughout the archdiocese. These awareness sessions will be available in both English and Spanish. They will be lead by people from our Archdiocese specially trained as facilitators. Sessions will be publicized through parishes, schools and in the LEAVEN.

By Archbishop Emeritus James P. Keleher

Continuing Training


After attending a Virtus session, you may be chosen based on your role in the parish to receive additional training. To continue working with children, you must complete the Virtus session and all follow up training. This includes twice monthly bulletins that are sent to you by e-mail. You must read the article and answer the question to receive credit. After one year, you will receive information to re-certify (takes approximately 15 minutes). If you have questions about Virtus, please contact our Local Parish Virtus Coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., (913) 299-3370.

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